Irdeto Cam Pro

CA Module Neotion Irdeto PRO 8 Services

Professional Irdeto Cam Module
Available in 1,2,4,6,8 Services

Professional Irdeto module France

With its own processor, NEOTION PRO CAM enables professional DVBs to decode encoded TV channels encoded by IRDETO’s conditional access system.
Allows simultaneous decoding of up to 8 channels of professional equipment (or more depending on the configuration of services)

Technical specifications
Supported streams:
AllAudio Type (MPEG2 AAC, HE AAC, Dolby, etc.)

Interface :
Plug-and-Play & User Friendly
DVB-CI high level MMI compliant
Languages: Angličtina (more on demand)

DVB Common Interfacestandard and PCMCIA ISO / IEC EN50221 compliant
CI Plusspecification v1.2 compliant
Smart Card: full ISO 7816-3 (T = 0, T = 14)
RoHS compliant directive2002 / 95 / EC

OTA update:
Upgrade from MPEG transport stream over the air
DVB SSU compliant

On chip eDRAM : 16Mbits
Off chip SDRAM 128Mbits
Off chip Serial Flash: 64Mbits

IRDETOtm Conditional Access System embedded (for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 SD and HD Pay TV services)
Unique and protected Authentication ID
hardware crypto accelerators
Secure Chipset for application droughts as pairing (anti card sharing)
On chip OTP
Dual mode: Secure Chipset or No Secure Chipset mode according to the operator’s broadcast broadcast system settings.

ARM7TM @ 126MHz
8K I-cache and 8K D-cache
8 DVB-CSA decoder up to 64 PID
Section Filters Packet filters up to 32 PID

Irdeto Cam Module

Irdeto CAM ModuleIrdeto Cam – SMIT
SMiT manufactured Irdeto CAM for use with Irdeto encrypted services. This module is compatible with Irdeto I, II, Delta and Epsilon cards.

The Irdeto CAM is compatible with programme services like UBC TrueVision, Multichoice Africa, UPS Direct Hungary, Canal Digitaal Netherlands, Nova Greece, Sex-View TV, Redlight TV, MCT, Private Spice, Free-X TV, Conto TV, Pink Plus and many more.

Technical Specification

Firmware / Software : 2.XX
Based on the Embedded 32-bit CPU (ARM7TDMI)
Adopting advanced 0.18-micron technology
Flash memory : 16 Mbits
Standards : DVB-CI / PCMCIA
Compatible with: Irdeto 1+2, Delta and Epsilon cards
Smart Card Interface: ISO7816

Irdeto Professional Cam

Irdeto Cam ProfessionalProduct details
Irdeto professional CA module

Professional application

Professional module works with:

multiplexer OT Streamline, Streamline streamer IPTV OS, OV 75M panel, the panel OH 88H, commercial satellite receivers CI.

Descramble up to 8 TV Channels using one module
MPEG DEMUX: Multi-channel SECTION and PID filter configurable through software
Embedded Linux operating system with proprietary intellectual property rights
ASIC chip with proprietary intellectual property right:
Embedded 32-bit CPU (ARM7TDMI)with advanced 0.18-micron technology

Compatibility /Compliance:

Plug and Play
DVB-CI standard EN50221
Smart Card interface ISO7816
Compatible with MPEG-2/MPEG-4
Compatible with the RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and its subsequent amendments
Compatible with ISO7816 T=0/T=14 protocol, Class A
Compatible with ETR289

PowerCam Pro

powercam pro

PowerCam Pro Cam Module accepts official cards scrambled in : Viaccess, Mediaguard, Irdeto, Conax, Betacrypt and Cryptoworks

Menus in English, French, Spanish & Arabic. SMS and MAIL functions (available on the next upgrade by Satellite)


CAS System compatible with :

Irdeto 1+2
Seca 1+2
Viaccess 1+2

CA Ids Supported : (0B00 0B01 0B02, 04AA0 4AA1), (0100 0500),(0600 0601 0602 603 0604 0606 0608 0614 0619 0620 0622 0624 0626 0628 0668), (0D00 0D01 0D02 0D03 0D04 0D05 0D06 0D07
0D08 0D22 0D70 0D0C 0D0F), (01702 01722 01762)

Professional application:

PowerCam Pro module works with:

multiplexer OT Streamline, Streamline streamer IPTV OS, OV 75M panel, the panel OH 88H, commercial satellite receivers CI, Humax, Topfield, Feguson, Golden Interstar,

PowerCam Pro module is used in digital CATV headends, IPTV distribution systems, hotel TV systems, etc, because the ability to simultaneously decode multiple programs (even the transponder) allows for significant savings in the quantity of satellite decoders. This reduces the amount of equipment used in digital headends.
PowerCam Pro provides access to a full transponder by using a professional card.
Descramble capacity: 8 to 12 TV Channels per module.
PowerCam Pro supports multidescrambling able to simultaneously descramble all transponder content on the professional CATV and IPTV
Simultaneous decoding of multiple programs
Its good Product for IPTV FULL tp Streaming in IRD
PowerCamPro Cam Supports multiple coding systems
Its perfectly working in iptv stream with Ird.
PowerCam Pro Cam is able to descramble up to 64 simultaneous PIDs. It is able to filter 64 PIDs (32 filters can be applied to one PID).

PowerCam Pro Cam is designed to meet worldwide DVB standards.

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